Halfmoon Yoga Props has been supplying fine quality yoga props and yoga products since 1989, supporting your personal and class practice with yoga mats, blocks, bricks, straps, bolster cushions, meditation cushions, blankets, t-shirts and other yoga products.

Why Use Yoga Equipment?

Like any good learning tool, the right yoga prop can soften the learning curve and make your yoga experience safer and more enjoyable. Using a yoga prop decreases the feeling of struggle in a pose so that you can more easily focus your attention on your inner awareness and breathing.

Adjusting the positioning of a prop as you use it allows you take your body to a gentle and safe working edge. This lets your muscles, and connective tissue relax and stretch or strengthen comfortably and safely. Find openness and ease while you challenge yourself in your practice with the right yoga props.

In The Beginning

I n the 15 years that I have been practicing yoga, I’ve seen it grow from the unusual interest of a few to a widely loved health and spiritual practice of millions. I created Halfmoon Yoga Props in 1989 as a home business and named it after my favourite pose, Ardha Chandrasana. Halfmoon Yoga Props are designed to help you move safely into poses and are built to last, whether they are used for your personal practice or in a class setting. I strive to ensure that the making of these yoga props has minimal impact on the environment. 

It is my great fortune to interact with people who practice yoga and experience its inherent depth and joy. As we continue to spread yoga in its many manifestations, we contribute something profound and healing to ourselves and to each other.