Other Yoga Products

Studio Strap

Made of a lightweight, durable poly blend with a plastic cinch buckle they slide and release very easily and come in great colours. Machine washable and available in celery, grape, black, royal, purple, and white. 6′ or 8′ long. 1 ½ wide. Straps shipped free with other items totaling $100+
India Strap

Made of 100% double layer cotton webbing with a nickel-plated sliding buckle, this is the original yoga strap. The India strap helps you move into poses while maintaining lift and lightness and helps you stabilize poses, work more intensely and more safely. Straps are available in 6 foot or 8 foot lengths. Machine washable. Canadian made
Yoga Asana T-Shirt

Depicting 36 beautifully detailed postures and their Sanskrit names, these shirts are 100% cotton. Unisex Ts are available in black, white, forest, burgundy, gray, purple, and blue. Women’s scoop neck style available in black, white, and lavender. Small, medium, large and x-large. Coloured shirts printed in black or white ink, image size measures 12″ x 14″. Canadian made.
Yoga Blanket

The traditional grey yoga style blanket is great for shoulder stand, sitting poses and for Savasana. Both soft and firm it can be rolled up and used for a small bolster or an Pranayama cushion. 50% wool and 50% mixed fibers. 60″ x 90″. Canadian made.
Eye Pillow

Relax tired eyes and facial tension with an all natural eye pillow. Made from unbleached cotton, the pillow is filled with organic flax seeds and covered with a removable, washable, silk cover. Ideal for Savasana. Black or eggplant. Canadian made.

Sandbags provide enough weight to bring awareness and openness to specific muscles and joints. Sandbags are constructed with layers of durable cotton and a carrying handle. 10 lbs or 15 lbs. Pick-up orders only. Canadian made.
Yoga Bridges

These fabulous arch-shaped bridges work perfectly to help you open your chest and ease you back into extension and backbend. The open slot along the middle accommodates your spine and supports your back muscles. Progress from the first bridge to the next as your body aligns and opens. Beautifully crafted in laminated wood, the base measures 11″ x 18″ with three height variations: starter bridge is 4″ high; mid bridge is 6″ high; advanced bridge is 8.5″ high. Sold separately or in a set of three. The optional carry bag (sold separately) holds all three. Canadian made.

This sturdy metal stand is the perfect solution for headstand difficulty. Your body weight rests entirely on the padded shoulder support allowing your neck to lengthen and your shoulders to release. You can enjoy the benefits of inversions safely. 18″ x 20″ x 14″. Burgundy. Canadian Made.
Sleeping Yogi Pillow

The ancient practice of using a buckwheat hull sleeping pillow lives on. The Sleeping Yogi Pillow keeps your head cool while your body stays warm decreasing night sweats, nasal congestion and restlessness. By shifting the contents of the pillow you can comfortably support your neck keeping it in alignment with your spine while you sleep. Smaller than an average pillow, the Sleeping Yogi Pillow measures 14″ x 20″. Sleeping Yogi Pillows and pillowcases are made with luxurious 260 threads-per-square-inch white cotton ticking. Filled with organic buckwheat hulls.